Chinese Delicacies

Sichuan Cuisine

Sichuan cuisine is characterized by its wide range of materials, varied seasonings, diverse dishes, fresh, mellow and strong taste. It is famous for its excellent use of spicy seasonings, unique cooking methods and strong local flavor.

Cantonese Cuisine

Cantonese cuisine consists of three local flavors: guangzhou cuisine (also known as guangfu cuisine), chaozhou cuisine (also known as chaoshan cuisine), and dongjiang cuisine (also known as hakka cuisine).In the world, cantonese cuisine is as famous as French cuisine. As the number of overseas Chinese in guangdong accounts for 60% of the country's total, most of the Chinese restaurants in the world are mainly cantonese cuisine.

Xinjiang Cuisine

Although Xinjiang Cuisine is not quite famous among all the cuisines in China, it is the cuisine of my hometown!
Xinjiang is the place where has the most muslims in China, the delicacies here are mainly halal, meanwhile it also has the characteristics of Chinese northwest cuisine.Basically have vegetable, melon fruit, fish, flesh, egg to wait, vegetable is in flavour go up and other cuisine are same, difference basically is to use flesh, egg respect, having distinctive habit and exquisite.The meat here are mostly beef and mutton, taste sour and spicy.